Guilt from abusers. Q’s & A’s

I have questions for others who are suffering at the end of this post feel free to comment or PM me your answers . I’d appreciate it ! Hope this reaches someone else who needs it. i will reply to everyone.

As a kid ,One day/moment my family would tell me I was :

stupid/fat/a liar/ a traitor / piece of shit/ good for nothing / ugly/ selfish / compare me to people and tell me how much better the other person was than me etc.

Another day/ moment they would tell me how much they loved me, what they loved about me and that they are the only ones who love me !

emotional abuse
The reason I feel so much guilt and miss them in my life is because this was normal for me. Even though I knew it was wrong ( cause I was afraid of their words and moods at all times) I never experienced anything else , and they make me feel like I am wrong for leaving them .

All I want is family who love me as much as I love them but instead they tore me down and built me up to be how they wanted, when this didn’t work and I broke away in their eyes I am the horrible person .

Sometimes it’s not as simple as hating people who abuse/ abused you. The hard part is that you believe they love you  in their own way and you  love them too much .

They make you feel:

*like you are nothing without them .

*you are selfish if you put yourself first .

*shame if you go against them ever.

*amazing when you make them happy which never lasts.

They make you think:

*They are the only person who matters.

*They are always right.

*Nothing you think or do in this world is right unless they reassure you it is . (you become dependent on this reassurance till you can’t trust yourself or own judgement).

*you can’t trust anybody but them. (push you away from people).

*They will protect you from being hurt by others.

*you are the problem.

  1. Does this sound familiar to anybody trying to get away from the guilt  toxic relationships/families etc leave you with for breaking away? 
  2. What was your experience ?
  3. What happened ?
  4. Do you miss them?
  5. How do you feel now ?
  6. Do you ever get to talk properly about how it to people who can listen and relate?
  7. Did you ask for help to get out of a situation or away from these people/person?



Am I really that Ugly?


I have always known that inner beauty is what counts even though what I looked like on the outside never was good enough for me no matter what people told me deep down I didn’t believe it, if I did I wouldn’t be so insecure.. Would I? Yet, I always focused on my looks and my weight (being skinny) was the only thing that made me feel good enough to be in the same room as people or to feel better than someone else. How messed up is that!? But that’s another blog in itself.
Yes inner beauty is what matters .I believed I was a good person who had wrong done to me but would never be like my tormentors. I would never hurt anybody with my words like they hurt me, never break someone’s things or worst of all physically hit someone I supposedly loved. Things started changing with me when I got in my first relationship and each one after was worse. I was so soft but when I snapped I was so mean and horrible and irrational and this was far worse when I drank alcohol. This was normally over jealousy or the thought that they were using me or didn’t really care for me. It felt like I had a split personality and still does.
My boyfriend of over three years (we both have had serious trust issues with each other)finally made me believe he really loved me and I trusted him like a normal girlfriend should. He was meant to come home after work a few nights ago and he didn’t so i decided I would go out and have a few drinks with him and make an effort cause I had been so down and depressed. I had little to eat and a few drinks and shots on my own before I found outside a bar I asked him not to go to numerous times before. He was away from the bar with another girl taking money out of the ATM and hadn’t been in touch with me at all .I saw red, everything I was afraid of was happening I snapped walked up to them and slapped him repeatedly into the face and tried to punch him and kick him in the b***s , broke his things and became a monster. My stomach is sick thinking about what I did to him. I didn’t think I could live with it. He told me if I want to be with him I have to get help and get better so that’s what I’m doing. Part of me still wonders now what it was with her but I have to tell myself it was nothing.
After all this I hurt somebody I love so badly in every way I don’t think I can ever see myself as a good person again, ever.
Is this me? Or is it BPD? Have I turned into one of the people I swore I would never be? How is this possible? I’ve caused so much damage and for what? What made me snap so much about this, was it everything I’ve been depressed about for weeks and do I blame him? Did I secretly hope that showing up to see him, he would prove my paranoia about him cheating wrong and when I seen him believed everything was a lie, I died inside.
Either ways, I never should have done what I did and I can never undo the damage I have caused, this is what happens when we don’t pay attention to our thoughts and control our emotions no matter how right we think we are in the moment or hurt we are. Alcohol in my experience has caused so many problems even if its once a month I go out, It heightens every emotion I feel , I know if I was sober I never would have done the things I did to him and wouldn’t have to live with the guilt and shame of it . Right now my inner beauty is not very beautiful, but hideously ugly.
Writing this blog is my first step to getting back on the road to recovery. I promise I will blog updates every few days on how it’s going and stories and insights to recovery. Feel free to follow me and add your experiences and strategies that worked for you.
I want to live not just exist, don’t you?

The Problem – Bpd

I always felt like I needed to hide away in my room as a teenager, I needed to escape when I was mentally drained by my overwheling family. 

I was always different than them…

They said I was  too soft. They tortured me mentally and when I would break down and fight back eventually (after trying to please the unpleasable)  with raw emotion and hopeless tears for hours, they would tell me I was “the problem “. 

I was soft, but I was not the problem. Because of my genetics ( being a sensetive creature) and the horrible things I have been through all my life,

now I am “the problem”

Welcome to the story of my life with BPD (Borderline personality disorder).

Splitting Confusion

I first questioned if I was borderline when I couldn’t understand why I  could love the people closest to me one minute then as soon as something negative happened with them                     (in my mind ) I totally flipped! Believed they didn’t care about me ever! It was all a lie they secretly never did care or if it was a boyfriend for eg. I thought they were almost out to get me, to hurt me, to use me! After I said all the horrible things that came to my mind in this tunnel vision I would break down and beg for forgiveness, could not bare to have them angry at me or to lose them. This “splitting “confused me so much that I didn’t actually know how I really felt about people and sometimes now I still don’t know.

This was the first time I got a hint that I had BPD. I remember trying to figure out “What’s wrong with me?” and researching my symptoms/ thoughts on the web. I came across BPD and got a knot in my stomach when I realised how much I could relate to the causes and symptoms. I quickly told myself I was getting carried away and didn’t believe “I” the only normal one in my family could have a personality disorder! Little did I know I would be diagnosed years later.

It’s going to be a long road but it will be so worth it!

This is a blog for me & for you 

Writing this blog helps me to remember how far I’ve come and to focus on how far I still have to go.

I hope my story, experiences, honesty and support will help someone else who is suffering and struggling to find their way with Borderline Personality Disorder.

I know other peoples stories helped me and everyones story is different